Communication, Communication, and Communication

  • Communication is the most important thing in international co-production animation projects. We know that there are lots of lost-in-translation issues through our experience. We are able to work effectively in English and David Production will fill the communication gap between non-Japanese producers and Japanese creative resources. Having an in-depth understanding of the characters and the story is essential for high quality animation production. David Production will also work to find more productive solutions where non-Japanese and Japanese producers can work together.

We can adapt to various animation styles

  • Our animator resources can adapt to various animation styles. We can produce high-quality animationthat does not include violence and gore, and is suitable for the younger audience. We understand that some expressions will be perceived differently depending on each country’s culture. We will carefully consider and adapt to these cultural differences.

Our Services Would Include:

  • Television Animation Series Production
  • Feature-length Animation Production
  • Co-Production / Main Animation Production & Development for Television Series and DTV features
    Development includes storyboard, character design, monster/mechanic design, props, and backgrounds
  • Original Idea Creation