Company Info

Our strength

  • David Production is a full scale Japanese animation studio founded in 2007. Our people have more than10 years’ experience in animation production. David Production’s prime asset is its unbeatable network of Japanese animators, who excel in the Kids Animation and Teenage Animation genre. David Production can also work on international projects in English and we have the nuts & bolts knowledge / experience in international co-production animation projects. David Production is Japanese animation studio with communication skills to overcome international production communication issues.

Why david

  • We are not one of the largest studios, but we love the challenge of creating a good animation with greatstorytelling & characters that attract the global audience. We love the story of “David and Goliath” where David overcame his challenges by his creative acumen.
    Also, David is the acronym of “Design Audio & Visual Illusion Dynamics.” We believe that this signifies our value where we create animation with impact.